Night time eating can ruin your dieting program. The craving for something sweet or simply uncalled for hunger pangs can make your leap to the refrigerator and unsettle the calorie chart totally. Night time eating is especially evil because after that your body has no chance to exercise and workout. You go straight off to bed. Thus, anything you eat remains on you and increases the weight machine number. This stands true even if you are not dieting. Night time eating is strictly discouraged by doctors because has a very slow metabolism when you sleep and cannot digest the extra food. Therefore, to maintain a healthy body weight and make a success with the dieting, it is important to suppress the urge for grabbing something just before bed. This may prove difficult to resist and will take time. Our step by step guide shows you how to fight it effectively.

Divide the three large meals that you have around the day into five smaller ones. You can include a snack between breakfast and lunch and another between lunch and dinner. These smaller meals prevent your body from going hungry and make it used to small portions of food. So there will no hunger pangs at night. Include more proteins in your diet because they are more filling and give you a satisfied feeling for long. They will take their time to be consumed and you will avoid hunger pangs.

These late night cravings can simply be watered down. When you cannot resist it anymore, go to the refrigerator and pour yourself a glass of water. The water will end the craving and also give your body a filling feeling which you can take to bed without any toll on the calorie chart.

Whenever you feel hungry or tempted to eat something, distract yourself. Put on a good movie. Start reading a book and keep on till you doze off. You can also call a friend who is also dieting and talk to him/her. Anyone in the same situation can understand the feeling and you will forget your were hungry in the first place. Watch TV but avoid watching channels with a lot of advertisements. Food advertisements which show food in a fancy way can actually trigger the temptation to eat.

Keep a food journal. This will help you make targets and achieve them. In a way it is going to force you to curb late night eating. If you still feel the temptation, grab a light sandwich or a few nuts instead of eating something heavy, oily or sugary. A slice of fruit can also be eaten without bargaining a lot.