No one wants to or likes being obese and unshapely; however, many people are not willing to sacrifice their lifestyle to lose weight or burn fats. Going on a diet can be one of the most boring routines one can imagine, which is the reason why most people quit dieting. Instead of curbing your natural instincts when it comes to delicious food, you can adopt a number of ways to lose weight, without having to starve yourself. If you do not want to eat healthy and nutritious food, you should at least make an effort to make a proper plan for your daily diet.

Eat smaller meals:

Most people, who cannot resist eating a lot, have extremely heavy meals separated with long hours. Instead of having three heavy meals per day, you can have five or six smaller meals, which can be brought closer together in time. This practice will help you a great deal in losing weight.

Eat slowly:

You must keep a check on your pace of eating. According to experts, a human brain takes approximately 10 minutes to register that your tummy is full. Therefore, you should eat slowly; otherwise, you are likely to end up overeating, which is one of the major causes behind additional fats and weight gain.


If you are not ready to compromise on your diet, then you are not left with any other option but to adopt a strict workout routine. You should start exercising regularly by going to a park near your home for light jogging and stretching. If you live in a hot climate, you can lose weight faster as you will naturally sweat harder. Once your body gets used to working out and your muscles are ready to take on additional load, you should going to the gym at least three to four days a week. Gym will help you digest food and will prevent weight gain.

In order to lose weight without eating healthy, you have to strengthen your muscles because they will naturally require additional energy. Strong muscles help you improve metabolism and burn fats.

Adopt good sleeping habits:

If you do not have good sleeping habits, you are likely to gain more weight as compared to someone who follows a proper timetable. Make a conscious attempt to sleep and wake up at the same time every day.

Tips & Warnings:

– Find a workout partner as opposed to going at it alone.