Overweight persons try very hard to lose some pounds off their body. Losing 30 pounds in 60 days seems impractical but you will be glad to know that it is really possible to do so. All you need is sheer determination and commitment to remain stuck to your plan. It is commonly believed that dieting is the most effective way of losing weight but you should always keep it in mind that dieting alone won’t yield the desired results. You will also require engaging in some physical activities along with dieting to lift some weight off your body.

As for the dieting plan, you should avoid eating high-fat food and try to cut as much fat from your food as possible. Your body has the function of converting other food stuff into fats but taking high-fat diet makes it easier for your body to store fat. Vegetables, legumes, grains, seasoned rice and beans are good low-fat food items and keep you healthy as well.

While shopping for healthy food, you better always refer to its nutrition value to for the amount of fats and other contents before eating it.

Make a habit of eating in smaller quantity but more often, rather than taking heavy meals three times a day. It is medically proven that your stomach takes three to four hours to digest all the food and your body metabolism falls after that. So keep eating small amount of food all day long and keep your stomach in function and the body metabolism running.

Cardiovascular exercises are essential for persons willing to lose weight. These activities involve raising your heart beat rate to a specific value and sustaining it there for some time before letting it fall back and repeat the cycle. Walking briskly, followed by running and then again slowing down your pace is a good cardiovascular practice.

Weight training exercises in the gym help to burn excess body fat and clear up lean muscles to bring your body in its true shape. Burning calories at the gym through extensive workout is one of the most effective ways to lose significant weight from your body. You can even perform weight lifting exercises at home but the equipment available at a gym can be really beneficial for you to meet your goal.