Few women understand that matching your foundation is more about application and less about the colour. Applying your foundation in the right way is an extremely tricky task, but less people give importance to it. Let’s scroll through a few tips which might help you match your foundation.

Tips for Colour Matching Your Foundation

First of all, you need to select the right type of foundation colour. Since a few drugstores do not allow you to test it there, you can hold up the bottle up to your jaw line and find yourself the correct colour. There are certain drug stores that will even allow you to return your foundation if you took the wrong colour.

If you are lucky, few stores will even offer you testers. In that case, remove a small amount of makeup from your jaw line and apply a thin layer of the new foundation to your skin. If the new colour evenly blends on your skin, you have found the right shade.

Remember, you would typically want your neck to be darker than your face. This is because once you apply bronzer, powder and blush, your face will glow; with foundation alone it will look darker.

It is always recommended that you custom mix your foundation. If you use foundation directly from the bottle might not match your skin perfectly. Typically you should choose two shades; one that is darker than your skin tone and the other that is lighter than your skin tone. Apply both these foundations on your skin and blend them; this will match with your skin tone. The trial and error method comes into play here. You will have to try different shades in order to get the perfect one.

For different skin tones, you have to select different foundation colours (of course). For instance, Latinos mostly need a foundation that falls in the range of 30-40. Similarly, other skin tones will require different ranges.

In case the veins on your wrist appear blue, it is advised that you select the cool shade. In case they look green, opt for the warm shade. There is always a neutral shade for people who are unsure about their skin tones.


These tips will help you select the perfect foundation for your skin. Just learn how to blend your foundation and match your skin colour with it. That is the best way to go about things. If you have any other tips to share with us, please feel free to write them down for us in the comment section below.