Dieting is a routine to lose weight. This includes eating the right food, performing proper exercises and staying away from foods that are unhealthy and which may cause obesity. However, when you are on a diet routine and you are exercising rigorously, there is a high chance that you may feel hungry every now and then.

You have to counter this situation otherwise you may not lose weight. This can be very difficult but it is not impossible by any means. Try to stay motivated throughout the routine and do not get distracted.

Eat foods that are high in protein:

Consuming foods that are rich in protein will help your cause. Eatables like eggs, chicken, fish and beans are high in protein and will satisfy you for a longer period of time in comparison to some other foods. These foods take comparatively longer time to digest so they keep you energised for a relatively longer period.

Drink more water while dieting:

Increase the consumption of water while you are dieting. Drink a glass of water whenever you feel hungry. This will keep your stomach full and will keep you away from any cravings that may spoil your dieting routine. Try to drink water before you are having a meal. This will ensure that you do not overeat and stay on the particular routine.

Replace regular tea with herbal tea:

It is important that you replace regular tea with herbal teas during your dieting process. Herbal teas are much healthier and are also good for your skin. They provide the same effect of drinking water and will help you eat less whenever there is craving for food. Regular teas contain caffeine, which may not help you weight loss routine.

Eat fruits when hungry:

Consume fruits to make sure hunger stays away from you. They are healthy and have many other benefits. Fruits contain minimum amount of calories and are essential when you want to lose weight. Make sure you eat fruit because drinking fruit juices may not give the desired results.

Cut sugar from your diet:

Cutting sugar from your diet is very important as consumption of sugar causes your blood sugar to rise and fall sharply. This creates more craving for food and can prove negative for your diet routine.

Tips & Warnings:

– Dieting without any exercise will have only short-term effects.
– You should consume the required number of calories per day otherwise you may suffer weakness.