Cutting down to 1000 calories per day is quite drastic and should only be done in case you want to lose a few extra pounds in limited number of days. It’s not a good idea to stick to such a diet plan for more than a week, as you will probably end up being sick since you will end up being short of essential nutrients. Your body will probably be convinced that it’s in the middle of famine if you hold this plan up for a long time.

This means that your body will slow down since it will hold on to every single calorie for a long time so that it can survive. This is not helpful when you are actually trying to lose weight actively.

Health professionals always suggest that you keep weight loss to 1-2 pounds a week. This way your body will remain healthy and you won’t have to adopt drastic measures in order to lose weight.

In case you have decided to opt for a 1000-calorie diet plan, let’s take a look at what we have designed for you. You will only in-take 1000 calories in a single day, taking four meals in the process.

1000-Calorie Diet Menu for the Day

You can in-take drinks such as water, black tea and/or coffee (without sugar) and diet coke throughout the day. It is advised that these drinks are kept as limited as possible.

The menu that we are providing you with includes 1000 Calories, 60g Protein, 145g Carbohydrates and 21g Fat.


  • One banana sandwich with 2 slices of brown bread and a single banana
  • 200ml of orange juice (or a glass of water)


  • 100g pot of low-fat fruit yogurt


  • 1 Wholemeal roll with 70g tuna and 10g mayonnaise
  • Salad including 50g lettuce, 50g red peppers, 10g spring onions


  • 28g of lower fat crisps such as Walkers Lites


  • 1 low-calorie hot chocolate drink made with powder and water


  • 70g roast chicken breast (no skin)
  • 80g mashed potatoes with 30ml milk
  • 50g boiled carrots
  • 60g steamed broccoli
  • 100ml gravy

This plan is expected to help you lose 2-5 pounds in a week. However, the weight loss is directly dependent on your activity level and start weight. It is not recommended that you keep a 1000-calorie diet for more than week as you will not be receiving enough nutrients that are needed by your body.