You will often come across people who are interested in losing weight, but no one really likes putting on a few extra pounds. However, it is absolutely necessary for lean people to gain muscle on their body, as they look too weak and lack energy.

It is commonly believed that gaining weight is easier compared to losing. However, it totally depends on the structure of one’s body and the metabolism system plays a crucial role in determining this fact.

One of the easiest ways of increasing weight is trough eating high calorie food, but you have to make sure that the stuff you consume is healthy. Otherwise, you will suffer a lot of issues related to your physical health.

Eat white meat:

You can increase your weight through consumption of high protein food, as it helps in building muscles. Whenever you go to a gym, the trainer advises you to eat protein rich food rather than consuming anything else. So, you will have to search stuff, which is full of calories. The best option available is white meat like fish and chicken.

Eat grain foods:

Another way of gaining weight through high calorie food is to increase the consumption of grain foods. They are healthy and don’t cause any health issues. Foods such as whole grain bread, brown rice and whole wheat pasta have a lot of carbohydrates, so they will serve the purpose for you.

Consume vegetables

Just as there are a number of vegetables, which help you curb fat, there are quite a few of them, which help in gaining weight too. You can eat potatoes, carrots and beans in order to stay healthy and put on some pounds at the same time.

Increase fruit intake:

Fruits have a positive effect on your body and you will never lack energy, if you eat them regularly. There are numerous high calorie fruits, which have got several health benefits and you can put on weight by consuming them. The best of them all are dates then you have a lot of other things like bananas and mangoes too.

Good fats:

Although consuming excess fats can be harmful for your health, yet there are some fats, which are quite healthy. These are found in olive oil, peanut butter and avocados.

Drink milk:

Milk has got a lot of calories too, but it is good for your body. So, you can consume it regularly to put on weight.

Tips & Warnings:

– Check your weight regularly.