While fights, disputes and arguments are a natural part of life, sometimes even strong relationships sometimes hit the rocks and the only solution left is to part ways. It might sound counter-productive, but it is in your own interest to recognize the signs of a failing relationship and end it without wasting more time, effort and emotions.

Lack of intimacy

Seperate Couple

This is usually one of the first signs, where your partner starts withdrawing and there is an evident lack of intimacy. However, it is better not to jump at conclusions and find out whether there is any other underlying cause for a change in behavior. Your partner might be stressed, ill or suffering from depression, so it is better to exhaust all these possibilities before taking this seriously.

Fights over the smallest issues

Fighting couple

This usually follows the lack of intimacy. During your best times you might have been able to crack jokes without being persecuted, but now, if either one or both of you constantly feel irritated in the other’s presence, it’s a sign that things aren’t going too well. If you find yourself commonly fighting over late dinner or unwashed laundry, consider it serious.


Young Couple Seated Back To Back

If tender words flow no more and there are no gifts or plans for dates, dinners and weekend escapades, the two of you seriously need to consider the point of your relationship. If either one of you feels there is no point in making any efforts to improve things or keeping the spark alive, your relation is surely on its way down the drain.

Keeping things from each other

Keeping Things

Trust and honesty are the cornerstones of a healthy relationship and if you feel the two of you can’t be open and transparent with each other, you are wasting your time in this relation. Keeping secrets, lying and being dishonest is a start, but it guarantees a future full of disappointment, confrontations and pain. If this can’t be fixed, you need to get out while you still can and move on.

Losing mutual respect

No Mutual Respect

One of the most important factors in a relationship is mutual respect. Once partners lose respect for each other, there is no going back. This usually leads to ugly fights, which see taunts and mudslinging and can be emotionally devastating. Humiliation, mocking and degrading is not something you should be taking lightly and if it has become common, you seriously need to think about your dignity and consider breaking up.

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