Where being overweight can be a huge nuisance, many people find themselves facing a completely problem. Even though being underweight does not propose the same physical risks, it can make a person feel self-conscious and awkward.

If you are someone who is having a difficult time packing on pounds, this step by step guide to safely gain weight is just for you.

Set your goal:

You need to determine the weight that you are aiming for. A good idea would be to consult your physician so that you do not end up aiming too high or too low. You can also use online BMI calculators to determine the ideal weight for your gender, age, height and body-type. Make sure that your target weight is a realistic one. Be sure to remind yourself from time to time that weight does not increases overnight and therefore there is no need to lose patience or become worried.

Increase your calorie intake:

Start consuming more calories, as opposed to reducing intake when the aim is to lose weight. Your body needs calories for energy, though having an excess of them end up being a bane rather than a boon for those who want to lose or maintain their weight. You, on the other hand, need to start eating food with high calorie count, such as nuts, peanuts, cheese, dried fruits, etc. Consuming 500 calories more than you usually consume in a day would be just enough.

Increase your number of meals:

When you start eating, your brain will not wait too long before telling you that you are full and should stop eating. Your appetite would die down much faster. The best way to counter this is to start eating around five to six small-to-medium instead of the routine three large meals. Eating frequently will keep the feeling of fullness from hampering your appetite.

Consume food that is healthy:

Even though you are trying to gain weight, it is still unhealthy to consume an excess of sugar and fat, as both can have a negative effect on your health and fitness. Eat food that is healthy and high in nutrients. Food high in calories is not necessarily unhealthy, so you can treat yourself to cheese, granola bars, etc. Also include yogurt and fruits in your diet.


You may be surprised to know that exercise, particularly strength training, plays a substantial role in increasing your weight. It builds up the muscles, which contribute significantly to your overall weight. Additionally, exercise stimulates your appetite as well.