Ponytail is that type of a hairstyle in which most or all of the hair is pulled back from the face. The hair pulled back are secured at the back with a hair tie. From there they are allowed to hang freely. The name of this hairstyle is ponytail because the hair hanging resemble the tail of a horse or a pony.

Many women try to make this hairstyle because it helps them during the working hours. They don’t have too much to take care of as the hair don’t fall on their face. However, even though making this type of hairstyle seems extremely easy, it is not. Moreover, a sleek ponytail is the one in which you don’t tie up the hair tightly and let them hang a little on the side.

Things Required for Sleek Ponytail

There are certain tools which you need to have if you want to make this hairstyle. First of all, you need water wax. This is used to give yourself a wet look. A hairspray is also needed. It is used to maintain the look which you have opted for. A curling iron is also required. This is used to style the hair hanging from the back of the head.

Steps to Making a Sleek Ponytail

First of all you need to part your hair. Make sure you define a clean part. It depends on you whether you want to keep it in the centre or on the side.

Brushing hair becomes difficult at times. Learn how to brush long hair without any pain.

Now pour a little water wax on your palm, rub it between both your hands and start applying it to your hair. This is going to smooth all your hair down so make sure that you apply it to most of your hair.

There are certain fly aways as well and in order to smooth them you need to use a boar bristle brush. Keep brushing until your hair are fully settled.

Now you need to create an extremely low side ponytail.

For this, first you take an outside section of their hair which is in the ponytail. Wrap these hair around the ponytail holder.

Once you have put the hair around the ponytail, secure it with the help of a bobby pin.

Now make certain sections in the hair which are hanging down. Grab them section by section and use a one-inch curling iron to wrap them one by one.

It’s time to go out and give your sleep ponytail look a test run.