Dieting is considered to be the most effective way of losing weight and it is the common misconception made by every other overweight person. However, going through a physical fitness program, aimed at burning calories and excessive fat, can be more effective than merely following a strict diet plan. A combination of healthy diet and a consistent fitness plan can yield long lasting results far beyond imagination. A number of fitness plans are presented by experts but the best is considered to be the one with a mixture of aerobic exercises, fat-burning interval training and muscle-building weight lifting. Taking healthy but controlled diet along with this plan will avoid any sort of weakness in your body and you will feel fitter than anyone around you. The following steps will help you out to devise a fitness plan so you can let some of the extra weight from your fat body:

Aerobic Exercise

These physical activities are meant to raise your heart beat level for a prolonged period of time, resulting in increased pace of your body metabolism. This will burn out calories in your body and reduce the amounts of stored fat around your muscles. Intense aerobic exercises are considered to be one of the most effective way of losing weight and building up strong stamina. Running, biking and swimming are the most common among the aerobic activities, while team sports like basketball, soccer and ice hockey also serve extremely good purpose. Each of these exercises should start up with a five-minute warm up session and then a 20 to 45-minute intense workout phase. Such intense aerobic activities need to be performed at least two to three times every week for rapid results.

High-Intensity Interval Training

This type of training is a relatively advanced method and is far effective than the aerobic exercises. High-intensity interval training involves raising your heart beat rate quickly, then allowing it to fall back and then raising it again after a short interval. This technique not only burns up calories at a rapid rate but also speeds up your body’s metabolism for a longer period of time. A warm up of five minutes should be followed by high-intensity intervals for 15 to 30 minutes. This should include intense work out of 15 to 30 second before taking a rest of about one minute before repeating the cycle.

Weight Training

Weight training is also one of the vital and effective activities in your fitness plan, as it not only burns your excessive fats and calories, but also builds up the lean muscles in your body. An effective weight-reducing program will include two or three days of light weight and resistance training each week. For the starters, 15 to 20 repetitions of each exercise with light weights will help you become stronger. Once you have gathered strength in your body after some days of training, weight should be increased but the repetitions should be kept not more than 15. For best results, you should exert pressure on every muscle group of your body. Obviously legs, butt and abdomen are the key area to focus while going for weight loss. Squats, lunges and leg press will work out your legs and butt muscles, while crunches, side twists and leg raises give phenomenal results on your abdominal muscles.

Tips & Warnings:

– High-intense interval training program must be started after consulting your physician, especially if you carry any heart problems.