While most people today wish to lose weight, there are others who seek to gain some due to several reasons. Unfortunately, most people think that gaining weight is the simplest of things, and you can simply start eating a lot of high-calorie foods and see your weight go up. However, this is not only unhealthy but also considerably risky, especially if supplements are involved. Here are 4 tips for you to consider if you wish to gain weight healthily.

Make a plan

You should not just start your mission to gain weight because someone called you too skinny. Social pressure is one of the biggest reasons behind weight loss or gain regimes but it is prudent that you research and make a plan which suits your requirements. You should weigh yourself and find out your BMI according to your height and gender. If you fall in the underweight category, you might need to follow a more religious weight gain program as compared to someone who just wants to buff up a little. Set a target weight for yourself and take measurements of your body before you begin any program.

Start weight training

Exercise is the healthiest way to gain weight by promoting muscle development. When we talk of gaining weight, we don’t want to gain weight from fat but from muscle. It is important that you focus on heavy lifting so that your muscles grow in size, but diversify your workout by incorporating exercises that target all core muscles, from your chest, shoulders and arms to your abdominals, thighs and legs.

Focus on your diet

Instead of turning to all-you-can-eat buffets, you need to replace empty calories with nutrient rich foods. The best diet to supplement your exercise program consists of foods high in lean protein along with some fats and carbohydrates. You should be looking at fish, meat and legumes and for snacks you can turn to nuts, which are excellent sources of slow burning fuel.

Assess your progress periodically

In order to make sure you are on the right track, you need to weight yourself twice a month and ensure that you are gaining the right amount of weight in the right places. Don’t overdo weigh training if you don’t want to be too bulky and instead focus equally on all parts of your body to reach an even muscle tone and density. Stopping to assess your progress is important if you want to continue on the right track to meet your weight gain goals in a healthy way.