It is proven from the recent researches that Green Tea provides a number of health benefits. This liquid not only prevents different kinds of cancer, but also holds anti-microbial properties. But the most important benefit is that it keeps you healthy and fit. Those who don’t like green tea just because of its taste should think again because

Everyone knows that green tea is one of the most popular drinks in the East, especially in China. And considering the well-shaped Chinese, one can easily understand the benefits of this for dieting. Green tea contains polyphenols – something with antioxidant properties. An antioxidant kills free radicals that are dangerous for the cells in a human body.

Stimulate Metabolism:

Green tea is a very good metabolic stimulant. It not only strengthens your stomach, but also increases the body metabolism at least by four percents. To be fit and healthy, you must take a cup of team after every meal, because it will definitely increases metabolism of your body.


The green liquid carries caffeine, which is very useful for dieting. You may think that caffeine is not good for dieting, but rest assured, because a lot of fresh researches have made it evident that the caffeine in green tea is entirely different than the one in coffee.

Burn Fat:

Green tea is the best thing to burn fat on your body. It increases body metabolism and once this process picks up the pace, the fat on your body automatically will burn. So, those are worried over their weight must start taking this liquid soon.


The tea suppresses appetite. Everyone should include this liquid in his dieting plans, as it minimizes the calories intake. Green tea contains theanine, which helps your brain stay relaxed. It is a common observation that everyone eats more when stressed. Furthermore, there is plenty of catechin in this – something that prevents fat storage in your body.

Low Calorie:

Green tea is a low calorie drink, unlike the soft drinks everyone takes these days. A person consumes only four calories per cup of green tea. Even according to the new researches, a cup of green tea hardly contains a calorie. If we look at the worst-case scenario, even then the green tea is not a bad drink at all. Even after adding cream and a couple of spoons of sugar, a cup contains only 80 calories approximately. So, it is the best drink for those interested in putting extra weight off their body.