Being a natural fat reservoir, lower belly fat is really hard to get rid of and one needs to be very determined, if he/she wishes to lean his/her belly. Not to mention, getting your belly in shape is the hardest part. An individual can easily tone up the rest of his/her body parts but when it comes to the belly, one should be committed to do extreme workouts. In addition, taking care of your upper abs is relatively easy but when it comes to the lower belly, it just becomes the most difficult part.

Consume more vegetables

In order to get rid of lower belly fat, one should start avoiding sugar and fatty things and focus more on taking vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins. Adjusting your intake routine will help you burn your belly fat and gain muscle strength which will eventually help you in achieving your goal. For starters, you can start by quitting fatty things and minimize your sugar intake to half and you will feel the difference in just a few days.

Start doing cardio exercises

If you want to accomplish your goal in a more effective manner, you should add cardio exercises to your routine. Keep in mind that adjusting diet and starting cardio exercises will make a considerable difference in shaping up your body. It is strongly recommended that an individual should perform at least half an hour of cardio exercises three to four days in a week. The most common and effective cardio exercises include jogging, walking, dancing and biking.

Do lower abs exercises

In order to achieve your goal in a comfortable manner, it is advised that an individual should struggle hard in the right direction. If your focus is entirely towards building up the lower abs, then you should add lower abs exercises to your routine. Note that your cardio exercises should be followed by lower abs exercises. You must consider doing legs raise and crisscross motion to have a profound impact on your lower abs.

Double leg reverse crunches

After you are done with the above mentioned exercises, you must perform double leg reverse crunches. It is very similar to legs raise but here, you will have to bend your knees a little and hold your feet while they are two to three inches away from the ground.

Proper routine

It is advised that you make a proper routine for these exercises and be regular because consistency is the key here.

Tips & Warnings: Perform each exercise in the form of sets.