It’s true that toxic chemicals even exist in the air we breathe, in what we eat and other products which we use every day. It is safe to say that some of these chemicals are quite dangerous as compared to others. It’s never easy to know what is safe for you and what you need to avoid. Here is a list of dangerous chemicals which you should avoid at any cost.

Bisphenol A (BPA)

This chemical is found in plastic bottles, baby bottles and even in the lining in the food cans. This particular chemical actually puts forward concerns to pregnant women and children. Several researchers claim that new-borns and foetuses are always exposed to this chemical and it affects them adversely. Therefore, it is said to be a major reason towards miscarriages in women.

Dioxin (Environmental Chemical)

This chemical is found in soil, surface water and even when you eat certain plants and animal tissues. They are produced when the household and industrial wastes are burnt. Whenever you tend to eat contaminated food, there is a high possibility that you are also in-taking dioxin along with what you are eating. This increases the risks of certain cancers.

 Mercury (Mineral)

Mercury is actually a mineral which is largely found inside fish. It’s true that fish is quite healthy for you and everyone should eat fish on a daily basis, but it was recently found out that other than the OMEGA 3 fatty acids, fish is also home to strong mineral called mercury. Researchers claim that mercury can be extremely poisonous at times and may even lead to death at a later stage.

Atrazine (Pesticide)

You might not believe this but atrazine is actually a strong pesticide which can be easily found in not only sugar cane and corn; in fact, it is also quite common in drinking water. It is quite difficult to detect this pesticide when it comes to water companies checking on your everyday water.  Therefore, it is highly dangerous and it is hard for you to avoid it. This chemical increase the cardio vascular risks and even also increases the chances of cancer.

Glycol Ethers

Glycol Ethers can be found in cleaning products, liquid soaps, cosmetics, perfumes and even paints which you might use on a daily basis. It is best to avoid it as much as you can. Therefore, if you can read the name of this particular ether in the products that you purchase, you need to put them back on the shelf and look for new ones.  This chemical can cause fatigue, nausea, anaemia, tremors and problems in the kidney as well.