Research conducted in America revealed that almost 98 million people living in the country, who are above the age of 20, do not have a cholesterol problem. The rest of the 32 million actually suffer from it. High cholesterol levels tend to increase the risks of heart disease, heart attack and even stroke. You must remember that you are not supposed to drink a lot of alcohol, smoke less and eat food which will keep you healthy. Here is a list of foods which you can have without having to worry about cholesterol levels.


Even though they are rich in dietary cholesterol, they are still quite safe for your heart’s health. One yolk, at an average, contains at least 185 milligrams of cholesterol. Therefore, even if you plan on eating the egg whites, you are going to eat a healthy diet without any cholesterol.


Americans researched on 25 different types of nuts and they showed that they actually lower overall cholesterol levels once you eat them. In fact, they are actually low in omega-6 fats. If you want to reduce inflammation, eating nuts is a win-win situation for you.


It is not only less in cholesterol; it is actually quite healthy for you as well. If you have been eating yogurt on a daily basis, you should know that it actually reduces the risk of having a heart disease.


People have this misconception that seafood is full of cholesterol. It’s true that it does contain oil to a certain extent, but you need to pick on the right type of seafood so that you are not consuming cholesterol more than your body requires. If you are eating seasoned fish along with natural herbs, the risks towards having a heart disease actually die down.


Several people make the mistake of leaving out on chocolate because they think it will make them gain weight. Less people know that it is actually quite good for your health. The effects of dark chocolate on cholesterol levels are actually quite positive and recent research showed that even though it is high in calories, it keeps your cholesterol level stagnant.


Seeds are extremely rich in nutrients and that helps you a lot in cholesterol health. They have valuable protein and fibre that eventually promotes appetite control. Researchers claim that cholesterol-rich diets can improve blood cholesterol levels if you tend to eat seeds on a daily basis.