Almost eighty percent of men and women living in the United States experience lower back pain. You might have a pain in your lower back due to repetitive motions. If you tend to lift heavy weights during the day, there is a high possibility that you might be holding your lower back throughout the day. Here is a list of three extremely useful exercises to help you out with your lower back pain.

The Cobra

Cobra Exercise

Cobra is an exercise which is used by several beginners who want to strengthen their abs and lower back. This exercise targets the transverse abdomens and muscles which are around your spine and lower back.

How to do The Cobra

To perform this exercise, start off by lying down on your stomach with your legs stretched straight. Now bend your arms and place the hands right on the floor. Slowly press your arms and left your upper body. Allow your back to form an arch. Make sure your lower body remains in contact with the ground.

Front Plank

Front Plank Exercise

This exercise is also quite useful for erector spinae; the muscles which are around your spinal cord. However, this exercise is far more difficult as compared to the Cobra. You can use this exercise to build a six pack as it works around your abdomen in such a way that you don’t need more to build your lower body muscles.

How to do Front Plank

In order to perform a front plank you simply need to lie down straight on your stomach. Make sure that your legs are stretched out. Now put your elbows under your chest and start pushing yourself up. Stay straight till your body can resist.

Cat Stretch

Cat Stretch Exercise

This particular exercise is used in order to lengthen the erector spinae. Since it is going to help you in stretching your back, it will eventually help you lower your back pain. The cat stretch is commonly used by several yoga instructors because of the stretching technique which it uses. Moreover, it is quite a beginner level exercise and you don’t have to work hard to perform it.

How to do a Cat Stretch

Start off by putting your hands and knees on the floor. Make sure that your hands are in line with your shoulders so that you can form a cat-like posture. Your spine will remain in a neutral and straight position. Now start squeezing your abs and round your back. You can stretch them as high as you can, but make sure you don’t move your hands and knees.