Brushing your teeth twice a day is simply not enough for you to help your teeth last for long. There are certain habits which you need to avoid in order to keep your teeth healthy. Here is a list of things we do almost on a regular basis and should avoid in order to keep healthy teeth.

Brushing Too Hard

Applying a lot of force to whiten your teeth is not exactly how you should be doing things. If you are going to brush your teeth too vigorously, you might end up with gum recession. That is why it is advised that you buy a brush with soft bristles and move it in small circles while brushing your teeth.

Eating Acidic Foods

Researchers claim that once you lose the top protective layer of your teeth, it can never grow back. Acidic foods such as orange juices, sport drinks, soda, candies, etc. are all quite unhealthy for your teeth. Dentists claim that our teeth are like seashells. And if you can put seashell in fizzy drinks, you will see how quickly it rots.

Too Much Teeth Whitening

Try not to over-do this. It’s understandable that all of us want white teeth because they make you look clean, but over-doing with the teeth whiteners will only end up hurting your teeth and damaging them.

Eating Hot and Cold

You can’t imagine eating a hot pizza without drinking a cold can of coke, can you? Well, you need to stop in case you want your teeth to live longer. This causes contraction which creates a craze line. This ‘craze line’ can eventually lead to tooth breakage or hair-thin cracks on your teeth.

Using the Wrong Toothpaste

Try to use toothpaste that is not too high on abrasion. Always check on the Relative Dentin Abrasion which is written on your toothpaste. Above 200 is not recommended; in fact, above 100 is also considered to be highly abrasive. Try to keep it just fewer than 100.

Using Your Teeth as Tools

You might think it’s cool to open a bottle of soda with your teeth, but eventually it will end up damaging your teeth for good. If you have been doing it for quite some time, you need to stop now. Try not to open any candy wrappers or bottles with your teeth, just to show that they are strong.