Every runner tries to avoid injuries, but still ends up getting them. How? It’s because several people make a few common mistakes and they end up damaging the muscle. This may evolve into a serious injury if you keep repeating the same thing over and over again. We have figured out that there are certain mistakes which runners make every time they go out for a run. Here is a list of those mistakes.

Not Keeping a Balanced Diet

It is advised that you maintain a balanced diet while you are running. This will align your fitness goals.

Not warming up with Certain Movements

Right before you start running, you are supposed to warm yourself up first. This is essential for an injury-free running program.

Not Wearing Appropriate Shoes

If you are running in inappropriate shoes, you will get a foot injury. It might even cause a lot of pain while you are running.

Overdoing Your Training

At times people stretch too far when it comes to training. Try to slowly increase your daily warm up or you can get a serious muscle tear, which will keep you in bed for a long time.

Heel Striking

This occurs when your hips remain behind your feet. It’s like putting on break while you are moving forward. This puts in more effort. This is why you are expected to run a softer surface for short period of time.

Not Opting for Experienced People

People do want to train and spend a lot on buying new shoes and equipment, but they never opt for professional trainers to help them run.

Having a Tense Upper Body

If you keep your upper body straight and tensed, it is going to slow you down.

Sticking to the Pavement

It is always advised that you run on a softer surface rather than the road. The road actually damages your knees.

Following the Same Route

There might be a certain route which you love, but it is advised that you run on a different terrain on every now and then.

Failing to Cross Train

A few runners do not really specialize in the foot and ankle department. They can’t change direction when they are required to. Therefore, learn how to cross-train.

Increasing the Distance Quickly

If you have recently stepped into the running business, you are not required to increase your distance drastically. Try to keep your targets real and increase them slowly.