Nature is full of beautiful designs and ladybug is definitely one of them. They have a stunning pattern over them and ladybug nails are the new in thing these days. If you want to paint your nails like ladybugs, that is not going to be a problem at all. The design is extremely easy to replicate and you just need to follow few easy steps in order to pull off the perfect look.

How to Do Ladybug Nails

First of all you will have to prepare your nails. In order to do that you will have to grab yourself a nail polish remover and little bit of cotton. Pour some remover on the cotton and start rubbing your nails one at a time. This will not only help you clean your nails; in fact, it also aids in softening them. The concept is to keep your nails clean before you apply any nail colour upon them.

Now it is time to add a base colour to your ladybug nails. If you want a red and white ladybug, then paint your nails red. Ladybugs come in varieties of colours; most of them have been mentioned in the later part of this article.

Once you have chosen your base colour for the ladybug, now you add and apply design to it. For instance, if you have chosen a red and black ladybug, then grab yourself a black nail colour and you are good to go.

First, add a black stripe right at the centre of the nail. This stripe should be vertical, which means it is going to start from the tip of your nail and end near the skin from where the nail comes out. It is advised that you either use a nail art pen (easily available in the market) or a thin brush.

Wait for your nails to completely dry up.

Now you need to add a semi circle right at the tip of your nails in order to give a border effect to the overall pattern. For this you will have to add a little curve right at the tip and paint it back.

Once the tip is covered, simply add polka dots with the help of a black nail art pen. Apply at least three on both sides of the vertical line which you made.

In order to complete the ladybug, you need to add the eyes. Grab yourself a white nail art pen and make two polka dots on both ends of the semi circle which you made in the sixth step.

Voila, now you can show everyone your beautiful ladybug nails!

Different Colour Schemes for Ladybug Nails

Red and Black

red and black ladybug

Blue and Black

blue and black ladybug

Pink and Black

pink and black ladybug

Different Colours

all coloured ladybugs