Acne is a common skin disease which can be characterized through the areas of the skin which are red and a few scars which are caused due to black and white heads, pinheads and large papules. This disease mostly affects your face, upper part of the chest and at times the back. Severe acne may lead to inflammation, where you end up damaging your tissues.

Causes and Effects

Acne mostly affects teenagers. It happens once androgens such as testosterone increase in your body. This occurs whenever you are hitting puberty, whether you are a male or a female. Acne, for most people, disappears overtime or at least decrease once you hit the age of 25. However, it is not a certainty that it will absolutely fade away as certain individuals even carry it until they are forty years old.

Apart from scaring your face, acne has its own psychological effects as well. It reduces self-esteem and in very extreme cases it eventually evolves into depression and even suicide. 7.1% of the people suffering from acne end up committing suicide. Therefore, early treatment is advised so that there is no long-term impact on individuals.

Things Required to Hide Acne

With acne being such a big problem, you need to learn how to cope with it while it exists. You will require certain things in order to hide acne.

First of all you are going to require a face primer. Secondly, foundation, finish concealer, rice powder and a medium powder puff.

Tips to Hide Acne

Always remember that there are certain acne problems which eventually end up drying your skin. In order to avoid this problem, you should use a moisturizer twice and on a daily basis. This is going to keep your skin clean and moisturized throughout the day and applying foundation and other products is not going to be a problem.

Make sure that you use concealers and not correctors. Right before you apply foundation, always use correctors. They come in certain colours in order to help you hide dark circles, redness on your skin and even sallow complexion.

The concealer can be used before or after the application of foundation. Mostly people would apply concealer after they have applied the foundation because then they can see the colour of their skin in a better way.

Always pat your concealer and never swipe or wipe it on your skin. Why? It’s because if you swipe it over your foundation, it will wipe off the layer and make it look more noticeable.