Have you tried making polka dots on your nails and failed miserably? It’s hard to finally understand the actual tip for making those dots no your nails. It’s possible that you might have seen them on the nails of different ladies you meet every day, but putting them on your own nail seems difficult. Either the brush is too large, or you end up smudging those dots all over your nail. Here is how you can actually put those dots on your nails without any hassle.

How to Paint Polka Dot Nails with a Toothpick

polka dots nails

First of all you will have to apply the base nail paint on your nails. Always go for a contrast. There are tons of colours which you can choose from. For instance, it can be red, black or even white. Just try to get a base paint which is in contrast with the colour of polka dots that you want to apply.

Always make sure that you have a wide variety of colours available. It will give you a bit of difficulty in choosing, but once you do get the right contrast, it will come out perfectly. The base colour mostly remains the same, but the dots on the top can change. For instance, a red colour can go well with black and white. So you can apply red as the base colour and save the white and black for polka dots.

Now wait for your nails to fully dry. This will take around five to ten minutes. During this time you need to get yourself a pack of toothpicks. Make sure you do not end up ruining your base colour.

Grab yourself a good and steady toothpick. Break the toothpick so that the end is not pointy and whenever you try to apply paint through it, it becomes a bobby pin. It is advised that you cut the toothpick with scissors.

Now dip the bold end inside the nail polish and start putting dots on top of your nails. There can be different polka dot designs which you can adopt.

Several women even apply a top coat on top of the nails so that your manicure can work effectively. The top coat will help prevent your nail colour from getting damaged. Therefore, it is always nice if you opt for it rather than letting the nails dry on their own.

Different Colour Schemes for Polka Dot Nails

Black and White

Black and white polka dots

Pink and White

pink and white polka dots

Blue and White

blue and white polka dots

Teal and White

teal and white polka dots

White and Different Colours

differnent colours and white polka dots

Black and Different Colours

black and different colours polka dots