Ever wondered what the correct time for eating a meal is while you are planning to work out? Have you ever asked yourself whether you should eat before or after working out? Remember: knowing the correct time to eat smaller meals and snacks is as important as eating healthy foods during the day. Research has proven how you can eat before, after and even during the time you are working out. No matter how much effort you put into your exercise routine, properly eating for workouts is also very important.

When to eat?

Make sure that if you are planning to take a large meal, it must be at least three to four hours before your workout. In case you are planning to eat a smaller meal, you can do it two to three hours before your workout. Lighter snacks can be consumed right before or even during exercise. Once you have worked out, you can consume a light, medium or even a heavy meal immediately.

How will eating for workouts at the right time help you?

If you wait for a few hours after eating and then you start working out, it is going to help you avoid cramps and diarrhea. Once you eat your food, your body concentrates a lot on helping you digest it and that is where most of your energy is being diverted. However, in case you start exercising while the chemicals are acting within your system, your body is expected to malfunction. Even though many people avoid eating before workouts, that is quite unhealthy as well. Skipping meals will only make you weak and slow and may even cause dehydration.

What should you eat?

Whenever you are planning to eat for workouts, try to opt for healthy carbohydrates. You can gain carbohydrates from cereals, pastas, bread and even fresh vegetables. You must avoid fiber at all costs as it will only develop gas and eventually it might even end up in diarrhea.

What people believe

People mostly take fatty foods before they start working out as they believe it will later aid them in building muscle. This is actually untrue. Even though fat and protein are considered to be an important part of any diet plan, carbohydrates are the most important fuel for your body.

What the experts have to say

Several nutritionists from around the world claim that eating a meal right after a workout session will help you avoid diarrhea and other stomach problems. However, you must test yourself if you are planning to eat before working out. For instance, you must take a test run before working out and if you experience any pain, try to wait a bit longer before you hit the gym.