Your skeletal system is basically made up of bones which provide your body structure, support and protection. It is quite important to focus on bone development during childhood but even if you are an adult, you must consider healthy bone development like insurance for your old age. The stronger your bones are by the time you reach your peak bone density (around 30 years) the lower your chances of suffering from osteoporosis in old age will be. I have listed factors below which affect bone health and I will soon be posting tips you can use to improve it.

Calcium intake

Calcium is like food for your bones, making them stronger and denser. If your diet lacks sufficient amounts of calcium, your bone density will suffer and consequently you will be prone to more fractures and old age bone deterioration. Dairy products are generally excellent sources of calcium but you need to maintain a balance in consumption for optimal results.


According to research women naturally have lesser bone tissue compared to men, which puts them at a higher risk of losing bone density with age. This means females generally need to be more careful about their bone health and ensure sufficient calcium intake.

Physical activity

Exercise and activity promotes muscle and bone health. Research has shown that people who have a lifestyle lacking physical activity are more prone to contract osteoporosis and lose their bone density early.

Tobacco and alcohol

Both tobacco and alcohol can severely affect your bone density in the long run. While you might not notice the effects right away, regular consumption of alcohol prevents your body from properly absorbing calcium. This in turn leads to lower bone density and a higher risk of contracting bone related condition with age.


Research shows that Caucasians and Asians have higher risks of contracting osteoporosis. Moreover, if your family has a history of bone related illnesses, you need to be more careful with your diet and health. Generally, if your parents and siblings have weak bones, you are also susceptible.