When you are battling an infection, your doctor will most likely prescribe a couple of antibiotics, to help your body fight back and curb the disease. When in the grip of an infection, and on a regular dosage of antibiotics, your body is in a vulnerable state, and generally, strenuous exercise should be avoided in order to lower the risk of injury, and give your body ample time to recover. However, if you are unwilling to leave off your exercise even during an illness, you can consult a medical expert on the matter – if you are given the green light, you can proceed.

Consult the doctor

This is important in order to determine whether the exercise will be safe for you, or if it may harm your body and prolong the illness you are already suffering from. If the doctor is unavailable, you might consult one of his assistants, or a competent nurse who has been involved with your case and knows the specifics of your illness. Before you call them up, draft a list of questions you need to ask, such as if it is safe for you to exercise while on a particular antibiotic, if there are any workouts your should avoid, etc. Once you gain an expert’s opinion on the matter, you will know whether you can avoid or proceed with the exercise.

Start small

Even if the doctor gives you the go-ahead and assured you that you will not experience any side effects, it is wise to start out slow, and not jump into full-blown exercise routines. Keep the delicate state of your body in mind, and take it easy to begin with – tailor your regular exercise routine according to your illness. For example, you might decrease the intensity of your workouts by cutting back on the duration, or on the number of reps. Workout while you feel comfortable and your body does not feel weak or strained – the moment you begin to feel tired or dizzy, stop. Time yourself, and gradually add to the time and intensity of your workouts, as you begin to feel stronger and more comfortable.

Stay on the lookout for any side-effects

When exercising while on antibiotics, remain alert in order to notice any side-effects – e.g. some antibiotics have the potential to lead to yeast infections, and this risk can be heightened if the body is made to undergo strenuous cardiovascular exercise. The moment you notice the beginnings of any side-effects, stop exercising, and contact the doctor for guidance – however, it’s fairly obvious that you will be advised to stop exercising until the symptoms disappear and you recover from the illness completely.

Maintain a journal

Throughout this entire process, make sure you maintain a journal, detailing exactly when you took your antibiotics each day, how long each exercise session lasted, your condition during the workout, and any side effects you might have experienced. This will help both you and your doctor monitor your condition.