Do you ever find yourself wondering if you qualify as underweight, normal, overweight or obese? Being anything other than normal is worrisome, since they can either make you feel self-conscious or put your health in risk.

One the best way to determine the ideal body weight for someone of your height is through the calculation of body mass index (BMI) and then analysing it by using an ideal body weight chart to get to the weight, ideal for you.

Calculating BMI may sound technical, but this article will make things pretty easy for you.

Determine your weight:

The first thing that you need to do is to find out your current weight in pounds. Use a weighing machine if you own one, otherwise go buy it. Having a weighing machine at home is recommended as it will allow you to check your weight from time to time and remain informed. Be sure to check the weighing machine for zero error. The needle should be pointing exactly at zero, not behind or ahead of it. Get on the weighing machine and note down your weight.

Determine your height:

Use a measuring tape to check your height in inches. Grab a pencil and move to a wall. Take off your shoes and anything that you may be wearing on your head. Flatten your back and the backside of your head against the wall and mark the tip of your head on the wall using the pencil in your hand. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor during the entire process. Once you have marked the tip of the head on the wall, use a measuring tape to measure the distance of the mark from the floor.

Multiplying height by 2:

Grab a calculator and multiply the height calculated in the previous step by two. Note down this value.

Divide weight by square of height:

Take the weight in pounds determined in the first step and divide it by the square of your height determined in the third step.

Multiply the answer by 703:

Multiply the value calculated in the previous step by 703. The answer is your BMI.

Analyse your BMI using an ideal body weight chart:

Search for an ideal body weight chart on the internet. Use a popular search engine such as Google for this purpose. Once you have the ideal body weight chart in front of you, consult it to see if you fall under the underweight, normal, overweight or obese category. Consult the table to also determine the weight in the range of healthy BMIs for someone of your height.