No matter which sport you belong to, it is very important for you to take a good combination of nutrients to stay healthy and fit. Unlike a common man, athletes burn far more calories, as they remain busy in lengthy competitions, frequent sporting events and gruelling workouts.

Just like the way good practice improves your game, healthy foods help you keep your fitness up to the mark. In order to improve your athletic skills, you need a proper diet plan.

One can hardly question the need of a diet plan for athletes. Endurance, strong muscles and a powerful cardiovascular system can only be achieved by good diet. Following are the best diet plan for athletes.

Eat plenty of carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins. Meanwhile, drink massive amount of water or juices, as it all helps you survive during hard sporting events. Furthermore, you need to limit intake of fast food, saturated food and trans fat, because by doing so, you can avoid cramps as well as heart diseases. Monitor your calorie intake carefully in order to keep you fit for the advanced levels of the sport.

Despite the fact that all nutrients are important, athletes should particularly focus on protein intake. According to the expert dieticians, an athlete must meet 10-12 percents of his caloric needs only from proteins. Meanwhile, you must eat 60% of your calories from complex carbohydrates, as they give to long-lasting energy.

Don’t rely entirely on simple carbs. The rest of the caloric requirements must be met from healthy fats, because they will make sure that you don’t feel hungry during the game.

Choose the most suitable carbs, fats and proteins. As an athlete, you are completely different from others, so you cannot afford to eat every carb. From the category of complex carbohydrates, we recommend brown rice, barley, whole grain breads, polenta and rye breads. Similarly, Beans in wheat wraps or soups and skinless poultry are the best protein foods for an athletic person.

You cannot eat everything anytime. Being an athlete, you have to be very careful about when and how to take your food. Start your day with a complex carbohydrate, like a rye toast alongside a glass for fresh juice.

You can have a snack of nuts ahead of the lunch. At mid-day, you should eat a protein sandwich, and a bowl of salad coupled with a glass of milk. Fresh milk gives you calcium, and strengthens your bones to a great deal.

For dinner, we advise you grilled chicken or brown rice. If you plan to eat bread, you should take it with extra-virgin oil instead of butter. For rest of the day, you can eat good stuff, such as skim milk, frozen yogurt and other healthy sweets.