There are three basic body types, namely The Ectomorph, The Mesomorph and The Endomorph. All these three body types differ widely from each other in how they respond to diet and work outs. Ectomorphs are good long distance runners while Endomorphs are usually good at lifting heavy weights. Between Ectomorphs and Endomorphs are Mesomorphs, who have athletic build and can do whatever they want, from lifting to running long distances.

Ectomorph Training

People with Ectomorph body type have short upper body and long limbs (arms and legs) with long and narrow hands and feet. Their chest and shoulders are narrow while muscles are thin and elongated and have very little fat storage. The primary objective of Ectomorphs is to gain weight and build muscles. People with this kind of physique should stick to basic exercises followed by some power moves that could help them build maximum mass. Do training work outs on regular basis but avoid cardio training and take longer rest periods, at least three days a week. Besides physical training, eat good quality food to take in more calories, but avoid junk food.

Mesomorph Training

People with Mesomorph body type have long upper body, large chest, solid muscle structure and a sturdy build. They find it easy to build muscle mass through different types of work outs, and their muscles always develop proportionately in a proper shape and never get bulky. To maintain the proportion and symmetry of their body, Mesomorphs are recommended a combination of shaping exercises and intense power moves. This type of body responds well to work out so extensive sessions are not required. When it comes to diet, Mesomorphs should take in balanced diet with a good amount of protein; however, they need to maintain a healthy but balanced calorie level all the time.

Endomorph Training

People with endomorphic physique have round face, short neck, short musculature and a huge tendency to store fat. They do not face any difficulty in building muscle, but losing weight remains a cause of concern. Endomorphs are advised super-long work out sessions and short rest periods to boost their metabolism rate and burn off as much fat as possible. They also have to do additional aerobic exercises to work off mega calories. Endomorphs need to be very careful about their calorie intake, and are advised to eat frequent but small meals. If you are an endomorph, you should stay away from carbonated drinks, sugars, sweets and junk food.