If you want to build muscle at the comfort of your home and without any equipment, then I have the perfect solution for you. It’s true that not everyone can afford the expensive gym memberships or even a home gym. Fortunately enough, there are quite a lot of exercises which are extremely effective and they can help you build muscle without any equipment.

Pull-upsPull up

Pull-ups are considered to be one of the most famous ways to build muscle through body weight. You will basically be lifting your own body weight in order to give your muscle the necessary boost. There are several different types of pull-ups, but if you are an amateur and just starting the body weight exercises, then do not opt for technical pull-ups. Try to keep things simple and you will observe a visible change in yourself.

How to perform pull-ups

Get yourself a place to hang, grab it with your hands and start pulling yourself up.

Helps in building: Back and arms muscles.

Push-upsPush up

Just like pull-ups, push-ups are also used by several gym trainers to help you get started. This exercise will not only warm your body up, but also help you build muscle through your body weight. There are different ways through which you can perform push-ups, but keeping things simple at the start will help you improve your body muscle and you can easily avoid muscular pain as well.

How to perform push-ups

Get down on your knees, put your hands on the ground (as far apart as you want), put your body on the ground and push the floor so your whole body is lifted.

Helps in building: Chest, shoulders, and arms muscles.


Squats are included in of the most basic exercises which you can perform at the comfort of your home. It depends whether you are performing squats with bent knees or you are keeping your legs straight; in any case, this exercise will pay you off in the most perfect way possible. While pull-ups and push-ups cover most of the necessary muscles in your body which need a little boost, squats can target other areas of your body which are mostly overlooked.

How to perform squats

Put your hands behind your head and bend through your knees (with your heels on the floor), push your knees out and look forward on your way up.

Helps in building: Leg and hamstring muscles.

I have been using these three muscle-building exercises and they have always paid off. You don’t need any weights, or gym equipment and you can perform them all at the comfort of your home. Do try these exercises and give me a feedback once they have done wonders for you.