We all have that one friend who is anorexic and eats very little despite knowing it is bad for their health. Anorexia is an illness which can cause imbalance in the body. It can be difficult to make someone realize that they are anorexic and need to change. You need to make that person understand and talk tactfully. You cannot see your friend suffer and become unhealthy. These people are prone to be attacked by illnesses. If the problem gets severe it can lead to the person being hospitalized or even death.

Research about this topic in detail. You should understand this disease thoroughly so that you are fully prepared when you talk to your friend. Collect information from books, websites and blogs. There are various resources available from which you can seek help. Approach the person politely and discuss the problem. You may encounter resistance from them and some will even deny the fact that they are anorexic. Those who suffer from this will get angry and retaliate when this topic is brought under discussion. You should be calm and make them understand that you care for them and are talking for their benefit. Have an easy going attitude so that they feel comfortable talking to you.

When you are having a discussion with your anorexic friend, do not highlight the horrifying side effects and the dangers related to the disease. Start with the little problems that arise from anorexia. Tell about the skin problems that can occur or the hair loss because of it. If you tell them such problems, the anorexic person will feel scared and might be ready to listen to you. When you have finally grabbed their attention, advise them that it will be beneficial to seek professional help. Search for the contacts of local professional dietitians and nutritionists in your area and also community groups which offer help to such people. You may want to help yourself but seeking advice from a qualified person is necessary as they have a lot of knowledge and deal with such cases on a regular basis. A professional also knows better how to deal with such people and make them listen.

Keep some of the person’s favourite food nearby. Offer them a snack, if it is something they like there are chances they won’t say no. Finger food is easier to eat so offer that. Make eating out plans with that person. While you are eating together do not make them feel that you are monitoring them.