Changing your eating habits to control your diabetes is something which is always going to be difficult. Nonetheless, for a better lifestyle, it is vital that you eat right once you have been diagnosed with diabetes. By eating right you will be able to enjoy some of the things which you thought you would have to leave after becoming diabetic.

Eat fresh

Make it a habit of buying your vegetable and fruits daily instead of using the ones stored in your refrigerator. Bananas, apricots, oranges, cantaloupe, plantains, sweet potatoes, beet greens, white potatoes, tomato products, lima beans, and spinach are rich in potassium which helps in maintaining blood pressure.

Increase Fibre in your diet

You need to watch the fibre in your body and prevent any deficiency. Hence, it is advised that you increase the intake of brown rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, whole-wheat bread.

Eat Fish instead of Beef

If you want meat in your diet then fish meat is recommended instead of beef. White meat is always better than red, so you should always prefer chicken and fish over beef.

Remove Fats and skin

Always remove fats and skin from your meat before cooking and do not overcook the meat.

Bake, stir fry or grill food instead of frying. It is recommended that you avoid foods which are buttery, batter dipped and crispy.

Reduce salt in the diet

You need to prefer foods with less salt in them as this helps prevent high blood pressure.

Chew your food

During diabetes the main problem is to keep your weight in check and you might be surprised to read this but chewing your food properly can actually help you in this regard. Eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly before swallowing.

Assess how much food you really need

You need to assess your food requirements and eat when you really feel like eating. Try not to overeat and stop just before feeling full.

Eat sweets with a meal, rather than as a stand-alone snack

Just because you are diabetic does not mean that you cannot eat sweets for the rest of your life, you just need to be smart about it. You can eat sweets with a meal instead of a stand-alone snack. When eaten alone sweets spike your blood sugar level; however, when eaten with healthy foods the blood sugar will not rise suddenly.