As the name suggests, a low-carb diet has minimum amount of carbohydrates, and in some case high fats. Over the years, the dieting experts raised plenty of questions over the efficiency of low-carb diet, but things have changed now.

The fresh researches have made it evident that the low-carb diet is the most effective way to lose weight and maintain your sugar levels. Once you have decided to reduce the amount of carbs in your diet, you need to be really practical. To be successful, a wise choice should be made when picking up food items.

First of all, you need to be completely informed. Read plenty of stuff about various low-carb foods. Above all, there is no need to be an extremist in the beginning, as you need to adjust your diet slowly.

A balance needs to be maintained. There is nothing wrong if you take a few carbs initially, as science is not totally against it.


– Meat
– Fish
– Eggs
– Above ground vegetables
– Natural fats (like butter)


– Sugar and starchy foods (grain based products, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes).

Make very slow changes. Instead of leaving carbohydrates all of a sudden, you should slowly cut down the number of unhealthy carbs in your diet. Believe us, many good results can easily be produced only with less effort.

Plan your first week wisely. You cannot make a decision about what to eat in the morning of every day. So, you must know what to eat today, tomorrow and the days afterwards.

Planning the entire week prevents you from getting worried about your diet. You cannot afford to stay confused; therefore, do research and find out a list of low-carb foods.

Getting support from your family and friends is another important step. The first couple of weeks can be difficult, as the temptation becomes a huge obstacle.

Moreover, you may suffer headache, fatigue, dizziness and irritability in the initial stages. You can always consult those who have already gone through this phase.

If you are diabetic, you need to keep a close eye on your sugar levels. When you start a low-carb diet, it automatically affects your sugar levels. Therefore, you can lower the dose of medication, preferably with the consent of your doctor.

The stricter you stay with your approach, the better the results will be. After getting your desired outcome, you can gradually add carbohydrates to your diet. However, you cannot afford to give away everything immediately.