Atkins diet aims to limit the carbohydrate intake in the body as it is the main culprit behind gaining weight. The diet increases the intake of fibre and protein to provide energy. As the body is getting less carbs, it is bound to fall victim to carbohydrate cravings. If you give in to them, all your efforts go down the drain. Some women have very intense carb cravings during PMS as there needs to be a way to control them. There are a few simple tricks that need to be followed to control these cravings.

First you need to identify the difference between hunger and craving. Sometimes the mind is just playing games with you as you are not hungry, just bored or tired and you end up giving in to your cravings. Make sure you are not eating because you are emotional as you should be genuinely hungry. If it is any other reasons besides the hunger such as sleep if you are tired, do something if you are bored and call a friend if you are emotionally upset.

It is said that a craving lasts for 20 minutes. If you really want to eat some carbs, wait for 20 minutes before picking up the biggest pack of potato chips in the market. If after 20 minutes, you still want to eat, then be smart with the portion size. Choose 100 calorie packs and single servings instead of family packs. There are many options of 100 calorie carbohydrate treats: crisps, crackers etc.

If you will not have high carb items in front of you, then you are less prone to get attracted to them. Make sure to keep very few of these in the kitchen cupboard. Fill your fridge with berries or veggies and also snack on nuts.

Do not restrict yourself completely. After all you are a human and have desires. Provide yourself once a week with something you love. This way your body and mind will feel satisfied and you won’t be binge on high carbohydrate food.

Sometimes drinking a glass of water is very helpful. When you crave for carbs, trick your body by drinking two glasses of water. This makes the body full and will reduce your craving. Drinking water is also very healthy for you as it provides the body with much needed hydration. You should definitely make it a habit to drink plenty of water, especially if you are craving carbs.

Tips & Warnings:

– Try eating a mint when a craving strikes.