If your everyday diet involves an occasional soda along with a bag of potato chips, a meat sandwich and a can of soup, then you probably don’t know what you are putting in your body. In addition to fats, sugar and sodium, most of the foods we eat also include chemicals which are harmful for our health. This increases the risk of cancer and a high rate of ADHD. There is a high possibility that we might consider a food to be healthy, but it still contains chemicals. Such foods may include the likes of fish and even rice. Here are a few dangerous chemicals which we consume through our daily diet.


Nitrates are mostly used to preserve colour and flavour whenever meat and fish are cured. Bacon, deli meat and even hot dogs contain high level of nitrates. Research claims that serving of process meat increases the possibility of having a heart disease. The same study also held nitrates responsible for diabetes. Nitrates are also known as the cancer-causing agents in different animals.


All of us remember how our parents would tell us not to bite the mercury thermometer or it would kill you? But little did you know that you have been consuming mercury all this time. In fact, fears of consuming mercury have led to backlash against eating fish. It was recently revealed that mercury is present in different fishes such as sharks, swordfish, tilefish and even king mackerel. There are several problems attached with consuming mercury. These problems include muscle weakness; impairment of vision, speech, hearing and walking; and also lack of coordination in movements.

Artificial Colour

Who doesn’t like a bit of artificial flavour in different sweet dishes? A recent study revealed that food colouring increases hyperactivity in children. This study also helped the EU-based food standards to ban different artificial colourings. Almost 8% of children who have ADHD got it through food dyes.

Caramel Colouring

Caramel colouring is commonly used in colas. Many claim that caramel colouring is safe since it has an all-natural sugar ingredient. However, it is also made with the help of ammonia and during that time it produces two cancer-causing substances: methylmidazole and methylimidazole. Always check the ingredients of the packet foods which you are planning to consume. Check whether it has caramel colouring in it or not. It might come as a surprise for you when you will realize that caramel colouring is not only used for colas and similar products; in fact, it is also used in many other everyday products.