Most of us are guilty of binging once in our lives. It can be because we are upset, hungry, bored or very stressed. It is a natural reaction of our body to distract ourselves. After the binging is over, we feel very guilty and depressed. Your body is bloated and full. Do not be very upset, you are not alone in this. Do not become more distressed; try to find positive ways to deal with it. These tips will help you to cope with the binge after it is over.

Do not starve:

It may sound wrong, but starving after a binge will make you very hungry and you will fall prey to another binge. If you have binged last night, take a fresh start in the morning with a healthy nutritious breakfast. Take vegetables, proteins and whole foods. Drink a lot of water. The past is gone but the future is still in your hands. Starving yourself is being too harsh; you do not deserve this punishment.


So you did commit a crime, but it is not that big. Do not keep thinking about it and fall into depression. You cannot make up for yesterday by fasting today. Admit to yourself that you are a human and you can make mistakes. Criticizing yourself in the head will just make it worst. You need to indulge in self forgiveness. You did not binge because you are an evil person; you were trying to cater for a need. Try to find the reason for binging. Identify what the real problem was and find a solution for it. Once the problem is solved, the binging will stop automatically.


After you have had a vast amount of sugar and food intake, your body needs to detox. Take a walk and then a shower to cleanse yourself. Take a bath with salts and oils as it will be relaxing. It gives you physical and mental ease. Drink a mint tea as it helps digestion. Read a favorite book or call a friend as it will raise your spirits. It will help you from falling back into depression.


After the binging period is over, sit down and make realistic goals. Keep some sort of motivation in mind and set reminders. Make a weight management plan, follow a diet and do exercise. Write down the goals and paste them somewhere you can see daily.