You’re finding it hard to lose weight despite the fact that you have been trying. Maybe you tried a diet and then you thought you broke it because one day you could not stick to the rules. Well, don’t worry. Your body only thinks about what you have eaten and how to metabolize it. Here are a few habits which do not allow you to lose weight fast.

“I’ll just take a bite”

You in-take a little cheese in the kitchen, go out with friends and have just a few fries while you are having a chat with them. With 100 extra calories you take, you end up adding 10 pounds every year. This is what you need to get rid of. If you are following a strict diet plan, try and stick to it. Going off track, even for a single bite, might just end up in a weight gain rather than a weight loss.

“I’m having it because it has fruits”

Just because it says it’s made out of food doesn’t really mean it has no sugar. Cereals, packed juices, fruit snacks; they are all unhealthy and you should really register what you are in-taking throughout the day. The labels try extremely hard to convince you that whatever you are taking is actually healthy for you even though it is not. If you do want to eat fruit, then have fresh ones because they will add up fibre in your body which is going to help you in improving digestion.

“Let me eat this now and I will later skip a meal”

The idea that missing a meal is going to help you lose weight is incorrect altogether. Once you skip a meal, you tend to get over-hungry which means that your body ends up asking for more than the usual meal. People who skip meals end up in-taking more carbs than the ones who do not skip meals. If you do want to eat a large meal in a day, try to eat smaller meals during the day as skipping them will not be good for your health.

“I’m off on the weekends”

If we consider that at an average one month has four weekends that makes a total of eight days. Eight days out of a total of 30 is actually a lot of time. If you do want to take off on certain days then try not to do it on the weekends but on special holidays such as New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.