It’s understandable why you hit the snooze button on your alarm after it reminds you to wake up for your morning jog. It’s easier to put the blanket back on your face so that you can enjoy your warm cosy sleep. However, there must be something that can motivate you not to do so and wake up instead. Different people have different motivation factors and we have lined up a few that will help you get motivation for running and sticking to your fitness plan.

Run with Friends

running with friends

Who said peer pressure only works negatively? Once you commit to running with your friend(s), it will be harder for both of you to say no to each other every morning. One of you is going to be up during the time you have to run and will motivate or force the other to get up. Moreover, you can even eventually have a challenge with your friend regarding the distance you can run.


innovating running

It’s true that the same old route for running can get a little boring. Therefore, it is advised that you should innovate or choose different routes whenever you plan to go out for a jog. For instance, if you are bored of the same old route that passes by the river, perhaps it’s time for you to run towards the forests. If you are growing tired that there is no challenge in running, then opt for a hiking route where you can run. A slope or incline is going to help you build stamina and muscles at the same time.

Use Technology

using apps while running

If there is less motivation to go out for a run, maybe it’s time for you to download smart phone apps, especially if you are a technology buff. There are several applications available online which can tell you the time you have spent running and the distance you have covered. You can work on improving both these things over time and finally use that expensive phone of yours constructively.

Listen to Music

music while running

Gaining motivation through music is nothing new. There are certain songs which make you want to jump up and get running. Make a list of songs which you believe do this to you and start running. Your time will pass by easily and you won’t even get bored if you are running alone.

Visualize the End Result

picturing the end result

Certain people run to build their stamina, others run to lose weight. Whatever the end result may be, always keep that in your mind. Once you have the ultimate goal in your mind, you will have all the motivation to go out for a jog every single day.