Most people think that when it comes to losing weight, the best option is to starve and reduce food intake as much as possible. This is where most of them are wrong, since it is possible to eat a lot and still lose weight by following some basic and simple rules.


Despite popular belief, meat is actually good for your health and your diet should contain beef, lamb, and chicken etc. However, do take care that the meat you eat is unprocessed and preferably from animals being fed on natural foods (like beef from grass-fed cows).


Fish is best meat available to mankind. It is recommended that you eat fish (preferably fatty fish like salmon) almost every week.


When looking for a nutritious food, you don’t have to look too far. Most households cook eggs, but you might not know that an egg is one of the most nutrient rich foods, especially its yolk.


Vegetables are essential for a healthy diet and include many nutrients and fiber. Even if you do not like vegetables, bring a change in your lifestyle by introducing vegetables to your diet.


Fruits are favored by almost everyone and are rich in fibre and vitamin C, which makes them an excellent diet choice when aiming to lose weight but maintaining the level of nutrients in the body. However, since fruits are high in sugar it is suggested that you do not over eat.

Nuts and Seeds

Walnut, almonds, and sunflower seeds etc are rich in nutrients, and high in calories. When aiming to lose weight eat these in moderation.


Most people think that they have to cut down on their potato intake in order to lose weight, while this is correct, you do not have to avoid potatoes every time they are served. Perhaps turning your face away from fried potatoes is the right thing to do, but eating them otherwise is recommended, so eat in moderation.

Dairy Products

Dairy products from grass-fed cows are rich in Vitamin K2, which is important for a healthy body, so when working to lose your weight, having products like cheese, cream, butter, and yogurt etc will not ruin your plans.

Tea, Coffee and Water

Tea is rich in antioxidants and very healthy for you, and the same is the case with coffee, making them an important element when losing weight. You also need to drink water throughout the day and especially during workouts in order to avoid dehydration.