While organic food is generally more expensive, the price is justified by the health conditions you can avoid by regulating your food intake.  Studies show that environmental toxins in animals can be passed onto three future generations. Moreover, it is shown that some herbicides are linked with testosterone damage and infertility. Several other diseases have also been linked to toxic pesticides, raising the question of how you can avoid these. The answer lies in buying organic produce whenever you can.


Grains available in the market can contain anywhere around 15 pesticide residues says the USDA Pesticide Program. These pesticides can  carry carcinogens and neurotoxins which can cause several health conditions over time. If you buy organic whole grains, you effectively reduce the intake of these health-damaging pesticides along with minimizing the risk of heart disease. Whole grain is also great for weight watchers since it contains more fiber than the refined variety commonly available in the market.


Around 20% of the milk in the United States is produced by cows which have been injected with Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (Rbgh). According to Max Goldberg, people who can’t afford to buy all organic items should put milk as their first priority given how harmful milk from cows with genetically engineered hormones can be. Organic milk is from cows which have had natural feeding and are raised on land. These cows are also certified to be free of growth hormones and other medications.


Cheese is one of the most widely used domestic dairy products but processed cheese, despite regulation, has several issues. Since manufacturers use different varieties of cheese and mix them all together, chemical agents are required for the emulsification proceed. Moreover, the milk used in the production of these can be easily from cows which have been treated with growth hormones. The artificial food coloring used in processed cheese varieties have also been linked to cancer.


After dairy, you need to consider organic meat if you consume it regularly. Meat is an essential source of protein, but unfortunately, conventional meat available in the markets has several hormones, medicines and pesticides. These chemicals can make their way into your meat if the animals were treated with hormones or medications of if they were given feed which had commercial fertilizers and herbicides. Organic meat can be quite expensive, but is worth the health benefits minus the harmful chemicals.