Finding it hard to make your kids believe that Santa is for real? Have your kids heard rumours that he is actually just their dad who wraps up gifts and puts them under the tree? Well, there are several ways to keeping Santa real for kids and make them believe he exists in the real world and will be coming with their gifts on Christmas Eve.

Parents Calling Santa app

Parents calling Santa app

This application has done wonders for the parents of today. You can make a call to Santa Claus and talk to him about the gifts which your children have requested. You can even ask for other things from him and also record complaints regarding the fact that your children have been acting naughty lately.

Make a video

Santa on Camera

Finding it hard to prove your kids that Santa exists? Well, catch him on video. Ask their daddy to dress up as Santa Claus, make him sit inside the fireplace for a few seconds and start recording a video from the security camera which is aimed right at the Christmas tree. The video must show how Santa came out of the fireplace, brought his bag full of gifts and then dropped them under the Christmas tree before leaving.

Leave half-eaten carrots outside your home

carrots on porch

Since Santa rides with his reindeers, you know what they eat – carrots! Well, throw out a few half-eaten carrots outside your home and show them to your children in the morning, making them believe that he was there last night.

Package from Santa

gift from santa

A package from Santa is a well-designed act by the parents. You wrap up a few gifts and a box full of cookies. Request your mailman to send it to your doorstep on Christmas morning. The letter can read that Santa was too busy during the night so he sent someone to deliver the gifts for him.

Santa’s handwriting must be different

Santa Letter

You must be planning to write a letter in reply to the list which your children have sent Santa Claus. Well, that letter must not match with your own handwriting. Make your friend write the list down for you, or just try and change your handwriting for this letter.

Go for Christmas shopping without the kids

christmas shopping

It will be too obvious if your children are right there with you when you are buying their gifts for Christmas. Keep it a secret. Don’t make them realize that it is actually you who is giving them all those gifts on Christmas.

Be careful with the conversations

Mom and Daughter

Whenever the two of you are talking to each other and your kids are present, try not to say something that will make it obvious for them to believe that Santa does not exist.