While snacking after a workout is a healthy way to avoid catabolic state and maintain a healthy level of anabolism, late night snacking can never be described as healthy, since it usually leads to weight gain. Here are a few tips that can help you avoid late night binges.

Eat a satisfying dinner

Usually, you want to snack at midnight when you have not had a satisfying dinner. If your dinner lacks in fiber and protein, you wont feel full for long, and the consequence is obvious – hunger pangs at mid night. To avoid late-night snacking it is important to eat a filling dinner.

Eat fruit

People usually feel like eating something sweet late at night, and end up eating unhealthy sweets, such as a chocolate or dessert. These high-calorie foods make you put on a lot of extra pounds. To satisfy you craving for a snack late at night in a healthy way is to eat a small piece of fruit. The fiber in the fruit will keep you feeling full for a considerable while longer.

Drink herbal tea

The desire to snack late at night can also be quenched by drinking a cup of herbal tea, such as mint, chamomile or green tea. Herbal tea is a good substitute for unhealthy snacks and desserts without actually contributing any calories.

Brush your teeth

Since childhood we are told to brush our teeth after every meal to prevent tooth decay. However, did you know that toothpaste contains chemicals that tend to make food taste bad, and curb your desire to eat late at night? So brush your teeth regularly after dinner only for your oral hygiene but also to sap your desire for late-night snacks.

Drink some water

Drinking water is one of the most effective ways to avoid over eating. It helps fill your stomach, which not only helps you eat less but also makes you feel fuller for longer. Sparkling water, flavored with cucumber or lemonade is particularly effective.

Psychological tactics

Most of the time craving for snacks late at night is not a symptom of real hunger, so it is better to try some psychological remedies as well to avoid taking in extra calories just before sleeping. Calling a friend or a family member can be a great way to divert your attention. Playing video games is also a good way to occupy your mind until the craving to snack passes and you really feel sleepy.