Dr. Oz has lauded the new product, Garcinia Cambogia with a lot of praise and this has helped it to gain a lot of fame across the world of weight loss.

The weight loss industry is getting more and more market by the passing days. This is down to the fact that a lot of people are suffering from the problem of obesity and belly fat in the modern day life.

The male population is a certain target of this thing as they have a better tendency of getting weights along the areas and the regions of their bellies. Males are more prone to accumulate fats by the areas of their waist and the bellies and this fat when gets deposited in those areas is termed as the belly fat.

Belly fat is particularly dangerous as it invokes a lot of harmful diseases in the people. The diseases those are most common in the people who have belly fat in their bodies are heart problems and many other ones as well. The heart problems are rising in the recent days according to the researches from the doctors and the reports that they have revealed.

This belly fat if deposited in a high amount inside the body of the person can even go on to cause strokes and ultimately deaths of the people.

Because of all the information that has been revealed on this disease matter, people have become scared of this condition and have made their mind that they must now act to lose the weight and specially the belly fat.

Garcinia Cambogia is the new innovation and its tremendous results have attracted a lot of customers to the market of it. The thing is a fruit and its extract is very helpful to the people who are looking to lose weight.

Garcinia Cambogia reduces the weight of the person by following a double mechanism. First it lowers the appetite of the person so that the fat intake becomes very low and secondly it also bursts the fats that are present in the body of the person.

But, this has various side effects and they have been let known to the public by the surveyors on the matter.

The main side effects of this are that the sugar levels in the blood may drop and the person suffers from a common cold.

Headache, Nausea and digestive problems are the other potential shortcomings that are caused by the use of Garcinia Cambogia.