CrossFit is a fitness program designed to help people achieve peak physical fitness through a combination of body conditioning and strength training workouts. People from a variety of backgrounds, athletes, actors, martial artists and military personnel participate in CrossFit programs to improve endurance, flexibility and muscular strength. The CrossFit program also helps participants improve their cardiovascular fitness levels.

If you want to become a trainer for this strength and conditioning program, you will be required to have complete knowledge of how CrossFit works as well as the ability to inspire and mentor the CrossFit participants to achieve a high fitness standard. Besides, you will have to clear two levels of certification, Level 1 Certification and Level 2 Certification, to become a certified CrossFit coach.

Familiarize yourself with CrossFit training

The first thing you need to do is get yourself familiarized with the structure of the CrossFit program. Get registered with a local CrossFit class and attend it until you become more familiar with the techniques.

Attend a Level 1 Certification course

Once you have a fair knowledge of the CrossFit system, visit the official website of CrossFit and fill out the registration form for a Level 1 Certification course. Fill out the application form and submit it as well. Fee for attending Level 1 Certification course is US dollar 1,000. However, if you want to take multiple sessions the fee will decrease by 50 percent, with the second run costing you $500, and after that you will have to pay $250 for every session you attend.

Become a Crossfit affiliate

Once you have successfully taken Level 1 Certification, become a CrossFit affiliate in your area. To become CrossFit affiliate, visit an established associate in your area, or you can submit an online application as well. After becoming a CrossFit affiliate you can work as a trainer and teach others in a gym.

Attend a two day seminar

Meanwhile, attend a two day seminar and participate in workout demonstrations. This will help you prepare for the final exam, a test based on 50 multiple-choice questions

Receive your official certification documents

If you clear the final exam, you will Receive your official CrossFit certification documents through mail. Now you can formally begin your career as a CrossFit trainer.

Learn advanced training techniques

Although you are a certified CrossFit trainer, keep learning advanced training techniques by taking CrossFit Coach Prep courses.

Receive Level 2 Certification

After taking the Coach Prep course, it is recommended to get the Level 2 CrossFit Certification. This will not only help you learn the new and advanced techniques but also improve your coaching skills.