Proteins are rich in amino acids, which are essential for the growth of muscles as well as the formation of new muscles. The American Council on Exercise has described protein as a macro-nutrient that is vital for the growth of your body. This healthy nutrient, that can be found in pulses, meats and dairy  products, is also essential for your red blood cell health and repair of tissues, including lean muscle mass. Protein is also responsible for the health of your nails and hair. One of the richest sources of protein is protein shakes, and individuals aiming to get their body ripped are recommended to drink these shakes before and after workout sessions.

Since protein shakes help you get bigger by building muscle mass, people often think they help gain weight, which is not true. Although protein shakes do not directly affect the weight loss process, their regular intake can help promote weight loss in several ways.

Portion Control

Meats, eggs, dairy, seeds, nuts, legumes are all natural sources of protein, but all these sources provide you with a limited amount of protein. If you want to consume a higher amount of this macro-nutrient, protein shakes is the way to go. These shakes are typically available in the form of powders, which you have to mix with water or milk or any other liquid of your choice to make them consumable. Since protein shakes are consumed in liquid form, drinking them makes you feel fuller because liquid takes up more space in your stomach. A typical protein shake contains only protein, but you can enhance its nutritional content by adding fruits, peanut butter or any other flavour enhancing item. You can also consume protein shake as a snack, simply mix some protein powder in an 8 to 16 ounce glass and drink.

Metabolism and Weight Loss

Protein shake consumption can help boost the metabolism, making your body burn fat quickly. Protein requires much more energy to break down than any other nutrient, including fats, which is the reason why sufficient intake of protein helps lose weight.

Muscle Mass

Protein shakes can also help promote weight loss by repairing and growing lean muscle mass. According to a scientific research, your body needs extra calories to maintain lean muscle mass. The more lean mass you build, the more calories your body will burn. Lean muscle mass build up can be achieved by drinking protein shakes.