People undergo bariatric surgery to lose weight rapidly, but that should always be the last option. Choose this option only after every other way of losing weight has failed or if your weight presents an immediate health threat. There are several other ways that you can use to lose weight rapidly, extreme diet being at the top of the list. However, most extreme diet strategies are not health friendly and can cause serious health issues if continued for longer periods. If you starve your body, it automatically goes into a conservation mode, where it starts storing fat rather than losing it. Therefore, you should always consult your nutritionist or doctor to help you design an effective strict diet plan.

Quick-Start Diet Programs

Quick-start diet programs feature pre-packaged meals and snacks that allow highly overweight and obese people to maintain strict control of the calories they take. These pre-packaged foods are very low in calories and their intake allows obese people to start losing weight quickly. Another benefit of quick-start programs is that they give immediate results that can motivate people to continue the weight loss program.

Meal-Replacement Diets

Another extreme diet plan is to start consuming medically supervised low calories meals. Such diets usually provide 600 to 800 calories every day. These meal-replacement diets typically feature a liquid shake that should be consumed twice a day along with a diet of regular food. Bear in mind substituting solid food with an all-liquid diet without proper medical supervision may cause other health problems. Moreover, many commercial meal replacement diets have liquid shakes that can cause obese individuals to gain weight rather than losing it.


You can also lose weight quickly through medication, these medications are prescribed only to individuals with a Body Mass Index of 30 and above, i.e. obese people. These medications help them lose more weight than they can with diet and exercise alone.

Individuals with a body mass index over 27 can also be prescribed weight-loss medications, but only if they have weight related health issues, such as hypertension or diabetes. A medical research has proven that using such medicines helps obese people lose 5 to 7 pounds more than they would with exercise and diet alone.

Bariatric surgery

If none of the above mentioned tips helps you get rid of those extra pounds then it’s better to discuss bariatric surgery with your doctor. Such surgeries limit the amount of food you can eat before feeling full, thus reducing your daily calorie intake.