Want to know what to order at a restaurant on a diet? It’s true that eating healthy while you are sitting in a restaurant can be really difficult. However, if you know what to order, this can be made possible. Just try and understand the amount of calories, carbs and fats in the dish you are ordering and that will make you understand whether it is good for you or not.

Italian Restaurant

It is advised that you start off with a cup of minestrone soup. This appetizer is filled with vegetables which are necessary for a healthy diet. Opt for dishes which are not fried. You can go for seafood rather than ordering your usual chicken or beef. Italian restaurants cook seafood with broth, and that helps out in fighting cancer since it contains antioxidants.

Burger Joints

Several people are of the misconception that burgers just can’t be healthy. However, this is untrue. There are certain ways through which you can stay on track despite having burgers while you dine out. Opt for a turkey or a veggie burger alongside a salad. Make sure that the burger is topped with mustard and relish. In case you like to eat beef burgers, try to skip mayonnaise and cheese. Moreover, remove the top half of the bun to eat the burger open faced. A wheat bun will help you add fiber to your meal.

Pizza Joints

It’s widely said that pizza is the evil food when it comes down to losing weight or maintaining fitness. This is false. Pizza, according to nutritionists around the world, is a food that can help you mix up all the important foods on the same plate. You just need to order in a smart way. Opt for a thinner crust and request them to make your pizza with half the cheese they use on usual pizzas. Try to skip meat toppings and choose grilled chicken instead. This will help you in improving the amount of protein in your body. The best way to enjoy your everyday pizza while being healthy is by ordering an all-veggie pizza. It will not make you fat and give you all the nutrition you need in one meal.

Chinese Restaurants

Fan of Chinese food but can’t eat it because you want to eat healthy? Don’t worry! All those rumours about Chinese food making you fat are not entirely true. Check the menu and choose vegetable along with shrimps. Make sure that you stay away from fried rice and Chow Mein. Always nod your head in disapproval if you are offered these two dishes at a Chinese restaurant. While ordering the main course, don’t order any meat entrees, instead go for Buddha’s delight which includes a mix of vegetables which are good for your health.