How is life fun without breaking any rules? It’s true that rules keep things in order, but at times you need to let it go. We have listed down a few rules which people strictly follow while they are trying to lose weight but these rules can be broken and it is not going to hurt them in the short or long run.

Don’t Eat Carbs

There are certain diets which suggest that you shouldn’t eat carbs and other types of foods which eventually make you fat. The truth is, you can consume all such foods during the day, break this rule and work on other things which might help you lose weight in a more significant way. For instance, you should eat slow or maybe stop eating when you are 80% full.

Eating Small Meals

The truth is, it does not matter how many meals you eat in a day. What matters is the fact that you are consuming a certain amount of calories while eating those meals. There are people who would have three large meals throughout the day, while there are others who would have small seven to eight meals during the day. Just work on what you are eating and the quality of food. The amount of times you are eating does not matter unless you are having large unhealthy meals throughout the day.

Diet and Exercise

A few people believe that the only two things that are going to aid them in losing weight are diet and exercise. This is untrue. If you do not get suitable amount of sleep, there is a high probability that you will start gaining weight. Therefore, in order to avoid this problem, you must start working on your sleep cycles. If you are not getting a healthy 6-7 hours of sleep, your metabolism rate is going to slow down. You are supposed to keep a fine balance between diet, exercise, work and rest.

Spending Hours While Exercising

People are of this misconception that if they will be spending hours in the gym while working out, they are going to lose weight quickly. A study conducted in America revealed that exercise for 30 minutes is just as effective as a 60-minute workout during the day. Work out for about 15 minutes, but on a daily basis, and it is going to suffice. It will boost your metabolism and most definitely increase the amount of fat you lose.