Did you have a doughnut for breakfast today? Craving for a chocolate at mid day? Is this temptation just too hard to ignore? Don’t worry you are not the only one. The question arises how to win this constant battle from your cravings. Eating access sugar just makes you crave for more; it provides the body with temporary energy and then just leaves you hungrier. Sugar makes us feel good and has a relaxing and soothing effect. So when is the right time to tell your brain that you have had enough?

It is important to have healthy substitutes handy when you are dieting. The temptation for sweets arises after a meal or even as a snack. To counter your temptation, grab sweet and nutritious alternatives. Instead of cake, go for fruit or chose raisins over sugary jellies. Pure fruit juices are also good alternatives over ice cream shakes. Always think before you make a choice.

Even when you are dieting, there is no need to be too harsh on yourself. Crash dieting usually leads to binge eating in the end. So sometimes it’s better to be a little lenient. Eat smaller portions like a 100 calorie candy bar, or a 150 calorie muffin. Remember not to over indulge. It will give you a good feeling and help you in keeping up with your weight loss efforts. Eating at regular intervals keeps you satisfied and leaves less room for cravings. If you have a lot of gap between two meals, you may fall prey to sugary and fattening foods. Try to eat at 3-5 hour intervals so that your sugar level is the blood is steady.

When your mind signals you that it is longing for a sweet treat, wait for a little time. It is said that cravings can disappear as quickly as they come. So if you wait a little, it might pass. Keep yourself distracted in that time so that you are busy and pay less attention to the craving; you could talk to a friend or take a stroll. Sometimes chewing a gum can help in curbing cravings. It is said that it tricks your taste buds and decreases these cravings.

Set some weight loss targets and treat yourself for completing them. For every day you resist your sweet temptation, give yourself a reward which is worth it. An idea could be to give yourself a dollar for a successful day and at the end of the month you can buy your favorite dress. Also having someone by your side that encourages you is very helpful. So tell your friend or spouse to keep a check on you if you cheat.

Tips & Warnings:

– Completely omitting sugar from your diet may lead to low energy levels.