If you don’t have time to join a gym or any other fitness centre, you can do simple aerobics dance at home to keep yourself fit and healthy. Follow the steps given below to perform an aerobic dance which can be an amazing workout session.


Start by warming-up your body with a few stretch exercises. These include lunges, knee raises and arm swings etc. To warm up more, follow stretching with a few jumps. Breathe deeply while stretching and marching to get oxygen circulating in your entire body. Warming up is important for your muscle strength and overall health.

Step Touch

Step touch is the basic step of every aerobic dance. It involves slowly stepping from side to side in a rhythm. Start off by moving your arms back and forth and then bring them in front of you at chest height. Continue repeating this movement for a few minutes before moving on to the next steps of the aerobic dance. This will further warm up your body and help increase your heart rate.

Step Out

The next step of aerobic dance is stepping out. Rather than moving from side to side, stand in a comfortable position with your feet separated a bit. Now shift your weight initially on the right leg and then on the left leg, while rhythmically tapping the opposite gently on the floor. Perform this step for a few minutes and then mix it with the step touch movement. Also keep moving your arms back and forth. This will pump up your workout.

Heel Back

After step outs, move to heel backs. This step is similar to stepping out, the only difference between the two being that instead of tapping the alternate foot on the floor, you will have to lightly kick your leg and foot upwards behind you. You don’t need to kick your entire leg behind you, just kick the lower leg as you do in hamstring curls. Repeat for a couple of minutes, while continuing to breathe deeply.

V Step

Pump up your workout with the V step. Move forward by taking a wide step in front of you and then move backward, imagining you are making a “V” on the floor with your steps. While performing V Step, move one leg at a time, be it stepping forward or backward. Perform this aerobic step for a few minutes.


Mambo is an advanced aerobic dance step, which involves stepping back and forth repeatedly with one foot, while shifting your weight rhythmically between your moving foot and static foot. Continue doing this for a couple of minutes before switching your foot.