While the number of diabetics has been on the rise, fortunately for most of them, healthy changes in lifestyle can help deal with the condition and even cure it in some cases. Contrary to what most people think, being diagnosed with diabetes does not mean you have to live a dull life without tasty food and sweet delights.

As long as you follow some important tips and guidelines for eating right, you can easily manage your diabetes and still enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Pick and choose your carbs

Carbs are generally a problem for diabetics because they have a big effect on blood sugar levels. However, instead of giving them up, you have to be wise about them and choose carbs that burn slowly. As a rule of thumb, stay away from refined varieties like paste, rice, white bread and potato chips. Instead, you need to eat slow-burning carbs which digest slowly.

Refer to the Glycemic Index

When it comes to choosing food smartly, the glycemic index is your friend. High GI foods burn quickly without much effort and release a lot of sugar into your blood stream. These foods include all processed varieties of carbs like white rice, white bread, pasta and chips. Low GI foods on the other hand have more fiber and burn slowly. These include lean meats, grains, beans, seeds, nuts and whole-wheat varieties.

Manage your cravings for something sweet

You don’t have to give up sweets – you have to manage them. For instance, if you want dessert after dinner, don’t look at the carbs on the table. If you don’t eat bread or paste, you can in turn have some dessert.

Choosing something sweet with some fat is also a good idea because fat content slows down the digestive process, which means your sugar level does not spike much. Good options include cheese and peanut butter.

Try not to eat sweet food separately from your meal. Include desserts with your lunch or dinner so that your blood sugar level is controlled.

Enjoy every bite you eat

In order to feel satisfied, you need to enjoy every single bite you take. Most people carelessly gulp food down without giving their bodies time to register it and react accordingly. Eating slowly will not only help you savor the taste but also prevent overeating. It is also recommended that you drink water before you start eating so that portion control becomes easier.